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Bali, Nusa Tenggara Barat and Nusa Tenggara Timur

Travelling to Bali

Travelling to Bali

Here is some advice to help you have a trouble-free holiday in Bali. But if you do have problems, the Australian Consulate-General is there to help you.

Remember: our Travel Advice for Indonesia, including the information about terrorist threats, applies to Bali.

  • All Australian travellers to Bali MUST HAVE 6 MONTHS VALIDITY on their passport or they will not be allowed to enter the country.

  • The travel advice for Indonesia reminds Australians that gambling is illegal in Indonesia and should be avoided no matter what promises or enticements are offered. There have been several cases in Bali where visitors have become victims of organised gambling scams. The gangs often target single men travelling alone.

  • There have been some Australians who have paid deposits for time-share properties in Bali when they don't really want them. Visitors should be aware that some time share properties offer free gifts or prizes to get you in and employ high pressure sales techniques. We recommend you take time to think over offers and seek legal advice before entering into any contracts.

  • Motor bike accidents are common. Tourists planning to rent a motorbike in Bali should have riding experience, rent only from a reputable company and ensure that the motorbike has been well maintained. It is highly recommended that you obtain full medical insurance and take out insurance on the bike. In order to be legal you must have either an Indonesian or international license. Failure to have the correct license may invalidate any insurance and be ery costly.

  • We strongly recommend that travellers take our full medical insurance as the costs of medical evacuations can be extremely high, for example the cheapest medical evacuation to Perth or Darwin can start from around AUD23,000.

  • The quality of medical services varies greatly accross Bali and Lombok. Correct diagnosis can be a problem and we recommend that you obtain a second opinion from an International Standard Clinic as soon as possible to ensure that you have been correctly diagnosed and are receiving the correct treatment for your condition.

Travelling in Lombok

  • For safety reasons, Australians travelling to Mt Rinjani in Lombok should obtain the services of a registered guide, seek local advice on prevailing conditions and risks, and not climb in dangerous conditions. Some treks are suitable only for experienced climbers.

  • Lombok does not have the same level of medical services as Bali. If you have a condition which appears to be getting worse it is best to travel to Bali early for a full check up and diagnosis at an International standard clinic. Dont wait until you are unable to travel as Medical evacuations from Lombok to Bali can be costly.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade produce a number of useful publications on travelling in Bali and travel in general and are available on the DFAT website. Please see:

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